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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I have decided to make my mother a scrapbook of her grandchildren for Christmas.

Lucky for me, I have bought enough scrapbooking supplies in the last 2 years to open my own small scrapbooking store.

The truth is, I love to buy scrapbooking supplies. Scrapbooking itself? It is just a byproduct of buying all the other things.

The biggest problem I have, I believe, is that I do not have a set space for my "craftiness".

It goes like this:

"I think I am going to scrapbook."

Go to the hallcloset where all the scrapbooking stuff is in the top closet, so high I need a 6 foot ladder to get it down.

"I need to open up these boxes and see what I already have!"

Proceed to open 5 storage bins filled to capacity of scrapbooking stuff.

"I need to lay all this stuff out so I can "see" properly."

Lay out all the scrapbooking stuff all over the dining room table, which I have, of course, extended out so it will seat 8 people. Or 5 bins of scrapbooking stuff.

"Whew, I am tired after all that work. I think I am going to take a break!"

Come to the computer, and browse around a bit. Go back to the scrapbooking table. Make a layout or two. Realize that I need to start cooking dinner, and we will have no where to eat unless I pack all this stuff away. Pack all the stuff away. Go make dinner.

Never completed ANY scrapbook I EVER Started.

Well, this time, I decided that dinner can be eaten in the living room, as long as the television is off, and we are all sitting in there together.

I have also decided, that instead of having everything out, including photos, that I am going to make my layouts without the photos, that way, the pages are actually in a book, and when I have a few moments, I can always take the book out and dabble with the embellishments. (I have one bin full of those, not as much of a mess maker.)

Hopefully, this system will work. I figure it will take me about 5 days to make all the layouts, then I can put everything but that one bin away, and work on the pages later, adding the photos and the embellishments.

(I do know which photos I want to use, so it isnt like I am going crazy, and the photos will never fit. Besides, the majority of the photos I am using are black and white, so the color scheme doesnt really matter. Although, for my mothers book, I have decided to go all out with pink. Hot pink, dark pink, light pink, pink pink, all sorts of pink. And hearts. Lots of hearts, on every page. That way, at least it has a theme. I mean, isnt that the point of scrapbooking?)

Oh, if only I had an acutal *room* to keep all this stuff laid out! Life would be so much easier!

(And, I could lock the door when I leave, so the girls dont decide that they *really* need that paper to make whatever it is that they are making at the time. I really hate when I *know* I had 4 pages of a pattern, and when I look, I only have *one* page left! Of course, when they present their projects to me, it is a bittersweet hate, because how can a mother not love what her children have created?)


Blogger Mary Tsao said...

Thanks for your insightful comment on my blog. And I just wanted to add that I am so with you on this scrapbooking post! I think your ideas are good about doing the layouts, then adding photos and extras.

I have been fighting the scrapbooking demon for years now. I think I would really enjoy it, but I don't think I have the *time* to enjoy it. Maybe one day? Maybe one day I'll be able to pick up lots of scrapbooking supplies super cheap at Goodwill when all of the other moms give up on the idea that they're going to do scrapbooks! ;)

Trust me... the fact that you have this plan is putting you miles ahead of some of my friends who never made it past buying all of the supplies!

6:42 PM  

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