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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The frugality Begins

So, over the last 2 months, I have been tracking where I am spending my money. And what I am spending it on.

The purchasing power of my dollar needs to stretch in order for me to reach the goals that I have set for myself.

Like many people, I just looked at the MUST pay bills, and anything left over after that was free game to spend.

Yes, I do have money allocated to savings. And it is directly taken from my paycheck, so I dont even have to think about it. Which is fortunate for my retirement account, because honestly, if I had the money in my hands, I probably would be spending it on something other than retirement.

So, after doing all my research on myself, (i.e. how I spend money) I have now set limits on myself, and budgeted (oh my GOD!) my money into how I want it to work FOR me.

Number one priority right now; pay off that pesky credit card. Which, if I follow my plan, will be done by christmas time. Yippeee!

Save money in an account for Christmas, so I am not using the pesky credit card to buy gifts for my family and friends. (How about NO CHRISTMAS? That sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe I should run that by the ankle biters?)

Save money for our Go to Disney World January of 2008 fund. (I did the research, how much it would cost if we went today, and then upped the amount by about 6 percent for how much it would cost then, and decided how much I would want to just blow while there on mouse ears and whatnot, divided the amount by 18, and decided, it was a doable goal)

Limit gorcery store purchases to $37.50 a week. (I know that doesnt sound like much. But I did the math, and the research on how much crap I was buying at the grocery store, and realized, I can feed my family (who is gone during the day - no way would I be able to do this if I was feeding them more than just dinner and breakfast and lunch on the weekends) for that amount, plus buy the ever important toliet paper)

Give myself an allowance. (yeah, I know. It sucks. But if I am allowed to run wild with all my money, trust me, I will spend it all, no problem!)

Pay a certain amount a month over the minimum on the pesky card.

Basically, I have allocated every single dollar, except for 35 of them, to a certain use. I have developed a plan in case I spend less that I have allowanced to myself,(Lets see if that plan ever gets put into use!) and what to do if I have any left over grocery money.

I am a bit excited about my plan. I dont see it as restricting myself; more as limiting my wants at the moment for my wants in the long run.

I just hope that I can show enough self disicpline to make it work!


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